God created all. Among others he created cognition also. As everything in created world cognition also has many levels. As the highest level of cognition god determined the cognition of himself.

Many people have more or less no interest in higher cognition. Yet on the other hand there are people who have cognition as the greatest motivation for their behavior.

One of them (we can call him a little man for his historical irrelevancy) has also chosen a journey of cognition. So he began to work hard and succeeded to get on the first level after not a very long time.

And he asked God: “God, please, I have learnt all the necessary at the basic level. What cognition do you have for me at this level?”

God answered him: “You are more than an animal.”

The little man was quite pleased with this cognition but it was not such a surprising information for him. Therefore in an effort to advance he continued in his work at this level. After significantly longer time than it was necessary to understand to basic level, he finally got on the second level.

He again asked God: “God, please, I have learnt all necessary at this level. What cognition do have you for me now?

And God answered him: “You are more than a body.”

This information was something more surprising and he needed longer time to deal with it and understand. Nevertheless he looked up and saw that the pyramid of cognition has two more levels. The question, what yet can be there did not let him sleep so he decided to continue in his work.

Besides that he also started to look around himself as he was fully focused only upon himself before. He noticed that on the journey of cognition he is not alone and started to watch the others also. Particularly one phenomenon caught his interest. Some of them (especially after reaching the second level) grow and grow and grow so much that the pyramid terrace becomes so narrow for them, they cannot hold there and roll down to the zero level. He understood and added humility to his cognition process too. So he worked and worked and after long enough time he worked up to the third level.

He asked the known question with great expectations: “God, please, I have learnt all the necessary at this level. What cognition do you have for me now?

And god answered him: “You are more than a soul.”

The little man was amazed. What more can be? Does it make sense to continue at all? He thought about it for a long time. Then he got an idea to look around himself. He saw how many little men were satisfied with achieved cognition at this or lower level, but at the same time he saw there are also others little men at this level who work hard and a few of them are even climbing up to the highest level.

As his desire for cognition was extraordinary he decided to continue. So he worked and worked till he noticed quite unexpectedly he is on the highest level. He absolutely could not imagine what answer he could get.

He humbly waited for a long time and watched carefully with understanding what’s happening under himself. Therefore he almost felt a little offended by somebody’s voice: “Don’t you have another questions?

He woke up quickly and realized that only Gold can talk with him: “I am sorry, God, such outlook is from here that I could not stop watching and I really don’t know what I could ask more.

God smiled and said: “But I have one more surprise for you”

The little man was pleased that God himself smiles upon him and already almost asleep curiosity woke up inside him again: “I apologize for my arrogance. Please be so kind and tell me the highest truth.”

God answered: “I am you.” and started to laugh so heartily as only can the one who created such laugh.

The little man froze in amazement. It is surely not possible. But because God is almighty and it is possible for him to give cognition both verbally and extrasensory, the little man understood. And he started to laugh and he laughed so hard that he began to roll down from the top of pyramid till he rolled down at the zero level among normal people. As he continued to laugh all the time some people began to consider him to be a fool.

Since then he lives like a normal human and watches efforts of others to climb up to the top of pyramid with understanding. Sometimes, if somebody asks, he gives an advice how to get up. He doesn’t try to explain that everything is different because he remembers his journey and that he also would not have understood it at that time. He often looks on the top of pyramid and laughs heartily for a long time as only can the one who created such laugh.

I wish much hearty laugh to all people of good will.

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