Chapter 8 – The Universe

The unity of the Universe and the duality of the Created World

The unity of the Universe and the duality of the Created World, this divine dichotomy is the most challenging aspect of existence to understand and imagine.

The duality of the Created World should be understood as one of the fundamental principles of the Cosmic Game to create the World. Why are there opposites such as good and evil, black and white, cold and hot?

Without duality there wouldn’t be a creative process; there wouldn’t be movement, development, space and time (without up there’s no down, without left there’s no right, without past there’s no future, without before there is no after).

However, this duality is also a unity. Just like a magnet can’t have only one pole, and even though it has two poles it’s a single homogeneous magnet, there is no good without evil, darkness without light, warm without cold. From this, we must understand that there’s no evil in itself, but only as a part of good. If we didn’t know evil, we wouldn’t be able to know well.

Without the feeling of unhappiness, there’s no feeling of happiness. Someone surrounded by luxury will realise they live in luxury only when they know non-luxury. A healthy person living among healthy people will know what health is only after experiencing illness close to them. We can only understand what love is when we know what love is not.

The idea that we can live permanently happy in a dual world is only part of the illusion. Unfortunately, this inaccurate image is promoted by some esoteric and New Age doctrines, too. To be happy, a person must sometimes be unhappy. It is possible to achieve inner peace and harmony, to rid oneself of desire, wants and egoism, but it is not possible to reach a permanent state of happiness.

Without duality, the Created World not only would not make sense, but it wouldn’t even exist.

Perhaps, it would be better to find a word other than unity, because the concept of unity is also in its way restrictive and inaccurately reflects reality.

As an analogy with a magnet, we can imagine a sphere, where inside is the positive pole that changes to negative towards the surface, where it manifests on every place as a pole with a different quality, and the surface is therefore pole-diverse.

This diversity of poles is unimaginable when the principle of duality is applied.

This means that an expression other than unity would be more appropriate; something like unity and multiplicity together. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that no language has such word.

Concepts like pole, or positive and negative are used due to a lack of other adequate concepts.

The polarity of the created world

In its Absolute form, God could be likened to a gigantic supercomputer with infinite potential, which at the moment is not performing any task. Intellectually, we know absolutely nothing about the Absolute, because it is a formless and timeless Emptiness without limits. This, however, does not mean it doesn’t exist. The Mind is eternally and universally present, the Nothing is illusory. Figuratively, it could be mathematically expressed as an infinite zero.

In contrast, the Absolute, as the fundamental principle of the Created World, could be figuratively expressed, mathematically, as plus and minus or, under another concept, as yin and yang. This most fundamental principle, which can’t be reduced further, is present in each entity and system. Particles, atoms, molecules, cells, organisms, humans, spouses, family, society, nation, state, the Earth, the solar system, galaxies, galaxy clusters, the universe, the world; all of them, in their specific consciousness, have this fundamental principle.

When you remove all the attributes of an entity, including time and space, what is left are only plus and minus, and this fundamental principle is the driving force behind the creation of the world.

Nothing exists without it, except the Absolute Mind.

The best image of this principle is the magnet. Magnets always have a north and south pole. They are indivisible. If you split a magnet in two, there will be two magnets and each will have a north and south pole. If you split a magnet in three, there will be three magnets and each will have a north and south pole. If you stick two magnets together, there will be one set, again with a north and south pole.

Polarity is a fundamental principle of the Created World. For the sake of clarity, the Created World means everything, also the astral and the higher worlds, not only our closest and most understandable spatio-temporal one.

This is very important to understand the Created World and how it works. There’s no good without evil, no light without darkness, no sound without silence, because there can’t be a magnet with only a north or a south pole; it’s absurd to imagine a yin without yang or a plus without a minus.

A failure to understand this basic principle (either through reason or emotion) is an insurmountable obstacle in the path of knowledge.

The purpose of being at all levels, and thus the most general sense of being, is to use polarity in the creative process.

I deliberately use the concept of being (in the sense of existence of consciousness) and not life because there are many definitions of life, which, due to their usual biological orientation, aren’t very suitable for these purposes.

Models of God

In order to illustrate what cannot be illustrated, I have tried to create two models of God that could accommodate some of His aspects. Each model illustrates on a different aspect of God and therefore appear contradictory.

In their simplification, they are two or three-dimensionally misleading. It would be therefore better to picture them as five-dimensional (with time being the fourth dimension), which could illustrate what’s impossible in a three-dimensional model, and may also be expressed with parables.

Unfortunately, a multi-dimensional (meaning more than three dimensions) model is beyond our comprehension.

The first model (see Fig. 18 and the front cover) shows God as part of the Beings undergoing the development cycle described in Chapter 3. Coming from God at the beginning and returning to Him in the end. For a more detailed description, see Chapter 3.

Fig. 24

The second model (See Fig. 19 and the back cover) also shows God as part of the Beings, with the difference that the Beings aren’t shown from the perspective of their development, but from the perspective of the simultaneous existence of all their forms.

Fig. 25

A five-dimensional model could also present an apparently contradictory fact, that the lowest forms of consciousness are at the same time the closest and the furthest from the highest forms of Consciousness.

In the peripheral areas, God consists of distinct Beings in the form of particles of consciousness, and the evolution of the Beings takes place towards the centre (but everything happens simultaneously), into increasingly higher forms of consciousness with an increasingly higher density of information, with a decreasing distance between the beings, and the also a decreasing distinctness of the boundaries between the different parts of the Beings. The part of the Beings in close proximity to God—the core—is the Superego.

In the second to last area towards the centre, the boundaries between the Beings disappear. It’s the area of the consciousness of the Immanent God—the Creator—The World Mind, the omniscient and omnipotent God.

In the centre of this divine ring, the density of information is such that movement is no longer possible, nor are there any thoughts or similar processes. There’s only the Absolute as a nothingness charged with the potential of everything.

I again point out that this is only an intellectual construe, a highly simplistic model that cannot be understood in any dogmatic way, putting it as a counterpart to any of the ideas expressed herein such as that all Beings are part of the World Mind.

In reality, of course, it’s not possible to spatially separate the Absolute Mind, the World Mind and the Beings and their individual forms, the beings.

Other models that focus on other aspects of existence would show, for instance, the various forms of a Being at different levels occurring simultaneously as a single point in space-time. In this model, it looks as if the same development forms of a Being were always in the same point in space-time, which doesn’t correspond to what we know.

By analogy, this image of God could be compared to a black hole, with all its attributes, as described by the models of modern physics.

In a black hole it is also no longer possible to speak of space and time, and there is also a nothingness poetically called the singularity. In both cases, attraction increases towards the centre, in one model, it’s called love, in the other, gravity. Also in both cases, no attribute of existence is perceived in the centre other than attraction (divine love, gravitation).

Therefore, people who, in altered states of consciousness, reach the centre of the divine ring (enlightenment, samadhi, etc.) do not perceive anything but the absolute attraction—the absolute love of the Absolute.

In this model of existence, it’s also easy to understand the image of a multi-dimensional Being—the mind. All the forms of all the levels of each entity of consciousness (the Being as an apparently separate part of God, aware of itself) exist simultaneously, and this complex of forms make the multi-dimensional Being.

From the perspective of the level of truth “God – Universe”, there is no development of the Being, because it exists simultaneously in all forms and levels, and it cannot be said that incarnation is a transfer of parts of consciousness (the Being, the spirit) to a body, but rather, that it is a shift of the concentration of a part of the consciousness of a Being to a certain form thereof.

Therefore, all states of expanded consciousness, at all levels, are nothing but a shift of the concentration of consciousness (and here it is also about finding an understandable concept as close as possible to our image of reality).

It doesn’t matter how that state is achieved. Meditation, regression or progression, holotropic breath work, psychotropic substances (ayahausca, ibogaine, peyote, LSD, magic mushrooms, etc.), Shamanic dancing and drumming, or other ways of getting into a trance, out of body experiences (wanted and unwanted), these are all states in which there is a shift of the concentration of consciousness from the human consciousness of one point of time and space to the human consciousness at a different point in time and space of our Universe, or in a different time and space or non-human consciousness (any form of consciousness that is not a human form), or any combination of these options. These states of expanded (altered) consciousness are described very well and in detail in, for instance, the books of Stanislav Grof.

A human as part of a multi-dimensional Being has, under certain circumstances, access to all the information. For example, when shifting the concentration of consciousness to a higher level, it is possible to connect to an information system called Akasha, which contains not only the past, but everything there was and will be. Basically, it’s not a connection to a common information pole, as described, but a shift of the concentration of consciousness to the information pole of another point in space-time.

If I manage to shift the concentration of consciousness to the level of a higher god, I will be this god because I will be an immanent part of the entire Being, which means also a part of that higher god.

The problem is that when we shift the concentration of consciousness back to the human level, we are not able to fully interpret and understand the information perceived there, let alone share it with others in an understandable way. On top of that, the amount of information is so massive that the consciousness at a human level is able to retain only a glimpse.

This is why trips to lower or a same level of consciousness are far more understandable. Even if it is often new and completely different from our normal experience, the information we acquire is more understandable for our reason. The description of experiences of mineral, plant, animal and extraterrestrial incarnations are comprehensible, even if they are apparently unbelievable.

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